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The result you get both looks and feels like a book you would purchase in a bookstore

If you're interested in documentfinishing, chances are you've heard of things such as plastic China Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Manufacturers comb andwire binding. There's also Velobind, a method that can really make yourdocuments look great. To utilize this method, you need the rightmachine, such as the Tamerica V2000-Pro. Here's what you need to knowabout both Velobind and this machine. The details: Velobindis one of the most sophisticated-looking binding methods available. Itbinds your documents together with strips containing plastic tines. The result you get both looks and feels like a book you would purchase in abookstore. Plus, the binding is incredibly strong, so this is a greatbinding method to use when both looks and security matter. TheV2000-Pro is compatible with both letter- and legal-sized documents.

These items can be either 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14". This machine has a14-inch throat that can handle both sizes so you'll have a lot offreedom when it comes to the kind of documents you produce. Thismachine can punch up to 20 pieces of paper at one time. The punchingcapacity will be fine for thinner documents, but you may find ittedious if you need to prepare a book that contains a lot of pages.Also, each unit has a built-in chip tray so you can keep your workspacefree of paper particles. The V2000-Pro is compatible withVelobind strips that are both 1" and 2" thick. These supplies havebinding capacities of 250 and 500 sheets, respectively. However, youcannot use the 3" strips that are able to bind a whopping 750 pagestogether simply because the machine wasn't designed to handle them. Ifyou're in a hurry, you'll be pleased to know that this device's bindingcycle only takes about 8 to 10 seconds.

This will make it easy to bindas many books as possible in just a small amount of time. Thisdevice has a hot knife system that's able to cut any excess plasticfrom the binding strip. That way, you can use strips of just one lengthfor all sizes of documents. The knife's presence also ensures that yourpages are bound securely together. You'll have to makesome room for the V2000-Pro because it has dimensions of 22" (width) x15-7/8" (depth) x 8-3/4" (height). The height is increased by severalinches when the machine's handle is up. You'll notice that the handleis D-shaped, which makes it perfect for both right- and left-handedusers.

Finally, the V2000-Pro comes with a limited one-year warranty. Velobindis simply one of the better binding methods around and the TamericaV2000-Pro makes it easy to produce well-bound documents. While thepunching capacity could be improved, this device has a good bindingcapacity, and it's able to process your documents very quickly. You'llalso appreciate the hot knife system that makes it possible to useVelobind strips that are just one length. But, most of all, you'redefinitely going to be pleased with how your documents look. So take alook at this machine today so you can discover the world of Velobind.

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