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Wire binding is a popular way to create yourvery own booklets for personal or professional use

Wire binding is a popular way to create yourvery own booklets for personal or professional use Vibratory Polishing Media. To do this type ofdocument finishing, a wire binder is a necessity and one of the newesttypes of these devices available is the Galaxy E Wire Binding Machinefrom Fellowes. This is a wonderful product that would be great for anyoffice needing a wire binding machine. Here's what this machine can doand how it can make document finishing a time-saving and pleasant task.1.) One-touch operation. One of the biggest advantageselectric binding machines have over their manual counterparts is howeasy they are to use. With the Galaxy E, you can just press a buttonand the machine will do its job. Just line up your pages and you'regood to go. 2.) Vertical punching. Proper alignment ofthe holes is a very important part of binding, whether you're workingwith plastic combs or wire spines. The best way to ensure your holesare where they need to be is by selecting a machine that does itspunching vertically.

The Galaxy E does just that so you'll have oneless thing to worry about. Plus, it will punch up to 20 pages at atime. 3.) Bind large or small booklets. The Galaxy Ehas the ability to bind documents that contain 130 pages or less. Thismeans you can bind short reports, longer proposals, and anything inbetween. (The maximum spine size you can use with this device is9/16".) Each device has a rotary edge guide so you can properly centeryour booklet during the binding process. 4.) Save yourself some time. Whenyou're working on a project, one of the last things you want to do iswaste valuable time hunting down the supplies you need.

That scenariowill be a thing of the past when you use the Galaxy E because it has abuilt-in drawer for your wire spines. (Imagine how much time you'llsave when the things you need are right there.) You'll also be able tosave time emptying the chip tray because you can access it from thefront of the machine. 5.) Eye-catching, compact design.Fellowes products are often aesthetically pleasing and this alsoapplies to the Galaxy E. It has a modern, silver-toned housing thatwill look great in your office. Plus, you can fold the machine up whenyou're not using it. This will help you save some space. 6.) Get started today!One of the things that sets Fellowes apart from other office machinemanufacturers is that they almost always include some supplies withtheir devices.

The Galaxy E is no exception to this rule and it comeswith a binding start pack that contains a variety of covers and spinesso you can start creating your own booklets as soon as possible. Thiswill even help you save a little bit of money, so it's really a win-winsituation. If all of these terrific features appeal to you, why not purchase theFellowes Galaxy E for your office today? It will make it a snap tocreate your own custom books and best of all, it will save you timealong the way.

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